Saturday, October 22, 2005

My dream of a Full Bar

Those of you who know me for some time know that I am always trying for a full bar. I am 2 bottles of booze nearer, courtesy of the Singapore Duty Free shop. Whoo Hoo!!!

Here's the list so far:

1. Grant's Whiskey - not the 100 proof one. I'll get that the next time
2. Kahlua
3. London's Dry Gin
4. Myer's Rum
5. Champagne (this was from Kelvin's birthday. I think I'll have to return it to him)
6. Cinzano - some kinda martini?
7. Martini Extra Dry - James Bond, here I come
8. Drysack - Provocative name but it's actually sherry NEW!
9. Disaronno - Some kinda Italian liquer, salesperson said it's like lemon. Smells like amaretto.

Wish List:

1. Amarula
2. Malibu
3. Southern Comfort
4. Vodka (reason I don't buy is cos it gets used up too quickly)
5. Tequila (Bad shit but hey, one needs to sacrifice for the dream)
6. Amaretto
7. Any other weird and wonderful liquor that anyone can pick up anywhere.

You know what to get me for my birthday now. And sponsor my tattoo fund!

Those of ya who don't know. I think it's about time to get something I have been talking about for the longest time. A "No entry" sign on my ass. Brilliant isn't it? Makes a statement, makes sense, rather asthetically pleasing, AND it's a bit of a laugh.

Well off to the office on Saturday!

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Anonymous said...


May I suggest you add some pics to lighten up your blog? Writing is witty, but there's juz too much to read.