Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The musings of an overworked, under rested mind...

Find this phrase familiar?

You might. Especially if you went to university with me. It is the title of that small blue notebook that the school bookshop gives out with all those textbooks that you bought.

It started because I was giving my friend Sandy ideas to go out on a date with her then bf. Then it occured to me. Edmund you bloody idiot. Always giving people ideas for dates. When it comes time for YOU to bring someone out, it's always movie and dinner. FUCK! I gotta go write all these ideas down!

And so it started. That blue book was on my table every time I studied. A lot of my mates (why is it that so many people hear "maids" recently?? I think I gotta throw an Ozzie accent in and see if it works better) started writing in it... it became a place to vent and write ANYTHING, instead of just ideas.

That phrase went onto the cover of that blue book somewhere along the way, as well as some other corny drawings.

I still have that book somewhere... I think I'll take it out and bring it around again. Wonder what other ideas the people I meet will have.

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