Monday, October 24, 2005

Understanding Women

Sigmund Freud died regretting that he didn't understand women.

I have a feeling that 90% of men probably will be doing the same thing. The remaining 10%? 90% of THOSE men, I believe are gay. The remaining 1% are gifted in ways that no man in the world are.

I just finished reading "The Game" by Neil Strauss. Talks about the life of a Pick Up Artist, his adventures or misadventures. Loads of interesting stories and tips, and brings up a lot of questions as well.

What's the whole purpose of getting this book? Perhaps it's because I want to be more attractive to women? Maybe, just maybe, it's to find at least SOME tools to neutralize the mechanitions of women.

Over the years, I realized that perhaps women do not want the things that they SAY they want. A nice guy, nada. Someone who'll care for them and take care of them. Nope. What about someone who loves them? I doubt it. Truly.

Am I cynical? I don't think so. It's based a lot on observation of what women say they want, and what their actions tell me.

Most of the time, they don't gel.

Anyways, I wonder about what it is that drives two people together anyways. Routines? Games? Theories of what people respond to and thus using them?

I am not sure. I did pick something up from the book though... and it was allt he way near theend. It was a rule, to leave the women better off then when they have met you.

Tall order. Not one that is easily fulfilled. Perhaps it is the intention rather than the actualization of that goal that is important?

What do women REALLY want?

I sometimes think they're not that sure themselves.

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Anonymous said...

who cares abt what women want... as long as the fella can get into her pants... it's like making money from the market without having to understand the mkt ;p