Monday, October 31, 2005

The Mask

It's Halloween's today.

What is the attraction of Halloween's? I think before the age of internet, it's the one time in the year that people can be someone else.

I am reminded of Terry Prachett's "Maskarade", as well as the show "The Mask", and I wonder what kind of mask everyone wears when they meet people. What happens if we let our inner feelings out? What happens if for one day, or one evening, you can do absolutely ANYTHING you want, and not have to live with the consequences?

That's why some people like wearing real masks during this one time in the year right? They hide their true faces, and when that happens, they can do whatever they want. For some reason, the physical mask takes away the need for a social one and whatever is inside that person comes out.

So is the being that comes out your true self? What is it that you are hiding? Can you come to terms with your hidden self?

Can it be that perhaps people will accept your whole package exactly as you are, once you yourself is able to accept you? Maybe.

Scary isn't it, the Mask? When the face is covered, the true self is released.

On the flip side, perhaps, just perhaps, behind that wall that we put up, is beauty beyond measure, a bright jewel, a brilliant light that we ourselves deny, because we cannot believe that we are really that wonderful. Or maybe, like in the movie, it's just one bloody jester, just waiting to get out.

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