Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Free Speech, Sex and Perfect Competition

Loads of hype and stories and attention on blogs nowadays. Seems like there is one more article today on Straits Times Digital Life about sex blogs.

Questions on the internet always bring to mind the free speech issue. The question of where the limit of freedom is, and when if at any time, any kind of real world authority should step in to regulate.

This is cyberspace, the last frontier on Earth. The Wild West on a global scale, the literal "perfect competition".

When Adam Smith put forth the idea of perfect competition, he could have been thinking of the Internet. Without any literal funnels or barriers except one's mind, one is literally able to explore all of the world and jump from one data stream to another at a click of the mouse button.

Almost zero barriers to entry, except for the strength needed to move the cursor, and truly online, there's nothing more than coloured pixels on the screen.

In the ultimate representation of free speech, should there be a certain kind of regulation? Or should there, as in the case of the perfect competition model, let the public mind, or the group censor itself?

Heavy questions.

I put forward to you, my friends an alternate point of view to the immediate reaction of the public to yet another chain the Singaporean government has seen fit to weigh us down with.
With the advent of free speech, and the invention and proliferation of the net, consider carefully the things that would be seen by everyone. You , the person that creates a webpage, or puts something online, have the power to shape lives, because any and everyone can see what you write. That, at the very least, is a power unto itself.

Use it wisely.

That being said, the net is where ALL points of view can be expressed. Mainstream, alternative, out of this world, or out of the dimensions even. Each point of view, each thought, each idea has a life of its own, and it is up to the audience to accept or reject, or even boycott.

Messages being sent need fertile ground for it to be recieved. The net is a sending medium. The person that surfs is a receiver.

Let us then NOT put the onus completely on the shoulders of those who send out messages, but also spend some time to work on the soil that the seeds land on.

Can we keep the Singaporean in the greenhouse forever? Is that even advisable?

Why look at only the Singaporean blogger? Should we even consider the nationality of the blogger in the first place? If I post a seditious entry in international waters, does that then make it acceptable?

Blogs are vents to what lies in the minds and hearts of people. The net, a medium by which the silent majority is given a voice to the world. To the powers that be, if you're reading this. I have this to say. Ignore this voice and this feedback at your own risk. Ideas have a way of popping up and growing the more one quash them down.

Brilliant ideas grow out of the fertile loam of chaos, don't they?

As far as sex blogs are concerned. Is sex not part of life? Forsake sex, and how are you gonna get 2.2 children per couple as replacement rate? I completely agree with Sex Doll is a beautiful and natural part of life. NO WAY are we ever gonna get artifically inseminated and raise the kids. All work and no play??? Are you fucking NUTS?!

Hey think about it... every single person sitting in parliament right now, can trace his or her roots to one dark stormy night and hot torrid sex right?

So, last word on this, before I rant on and on. Folks that post, remember your audience. Powers that be, learn to let go before it kills you. And if you really want someone to always agree to everything you do and say, get a dog or a Filipino maid.

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