Friday, October 14, 2005

Complications in Life

I am reminded of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Not the book but the series... Somewhere along the way, I read about the BIRD. And it was an interesting concept. It introduced the concepts of filters and how everything that exists has some kind of filter, and need these filters to survive.

Remove the filters, and remove life. On the other hand, if a being can take live with absolutely no filters, that being becomes pretty damn close to omnipotent.

Back to life in general. Over the last few months, I have realized that people really, Really, REALLY need complications. For them, it works the same way. See the clutter in your room? See the way that doctors try to name every single damn bone in the body, and give a completely unintelligible name for every other muscle?

Sometimes the reason why people do NOT like things being simple is cos perhaps that takes away from their sense of importance. Say trading. Why go for inanely complicated concepts when simple ones make tons of cash?

Cos they don't feel safe. Folks need to find out EVERYTHING. This is their security blanket.

Me, I'm relatively simple, I believe. That's because I'm absolutely, completely, sanely LAZY.

I have completely NO desire or energy to expend outside of the necessary. Loads of other much more interesting things out there to occupy my time and energy. Partying, Salsa, taking over the world...

I reckon that most depressed people in the world have the most complex views on life. Make it simple, and bring it back to basics, and I think the world is a much better, and much happier place to live.

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