Monday, October 17, 2005

Lamenting the departure of a friend...

It's official, my home comp is on its last breath.

After a long illustrious career, my desktop is nearing the end of its life. It's been almost a decade, much longer than any of his peers. It has moved beyond the status of a reliable home implement, to something that's much closer.

It has been a friend and a companion through the last decade of my life.

Wow... a third of my life, with one object.

A lot of memories in those integrated circuit board.

It came into being as an experiment in computer building by my uncle before he migrated to Canada. It turned out well, and it was purring like a kitten when we first threw the switch and electricity flowed through its power supply.

Over the next decade after that fateful day, it has witnessed the transitions of my life from student to working adult.

It's been with me when I was writing my Final Thesis for my graduation, as well as my first resume.

It has in its memory the times where I chatted with all my buddies from around the world.

It remembers the time when my ex wrote a "Dear John" email to me.

The fun times on IRC, msn, and ICQ, and some more colourful times on internet. Yes yes, I admit, I have seen porn on the internet. 2/3 of Singaporeans admit to have done it. The other one third's lying.

Some say, that the soul of the computer, if it has one, is in the hard disk. If that's the case... Maybe, just maybe... we'll see a revival (Frankenstein comes to mind)

Wonder where the soul of the human lies...

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gen4sure said...

WHAT???? 1 DECADE (=10 yrs ) ALREADY??? My goodness... yes..its time to relish its GLORIOUS times and send it off to the Salvation army... *laughs*.. mine @ hm is like 6 yrs..and its Freaking SLOW..i can't imagine urs is 10 yrs.... *laughs*...