Friday, October 07, 2005

A year on

I have recently took to being a voyeur.

Fuck no dude! I don't mean I am running around with a pair of night vision goggles and peeping at couples in compromising positions.

I recently acquired the habit of reading other people blogs and peeping into their lives.

What is this newfound facination? I don't know, but looking at other people's experiences does give me more input, though I'm stuck at the office for extended periods of time. Kinda like a window into other people's lives where I live their experiences vicariously.

Now that got me to post again.

Yeah, I haven't done it for the longest time, but since I'm sitting in front of the computer, in the office, completely dry of inspiration and attempting to squeeze something out, I thought, hell why not... Let the words flow for a while and let's see if we can come up with something proper later.

A couple of things I realized. People are often lamenting about change. Prices changing, going up. People and places that moved beyond recognition after just a couple of years. And I thought... WTF?? What's the gripe about change, really?

I posted this comment in another blog, one from blinkymummy... I guess quite a lot of things led to me writing this, but hey, can't be plagerism if I was the same person that wrote this right?

"Hey what's wrong with change? Everything in the world evolves, right? That's what makes the world we live in so interesting isn't it?
Sure certain things we want to treasure and keep close to us. That is why we have our memory.
On the other hand, growing up does not mean growing cynical, or jaded. It means to grow through the shite. In fact, fertilizer is shit too, but in a different context right?
Someone real smart once said that life is 70% shite. Unfortunately, we humans are made such that we cannot grow without pain. The periods that gets us down are also the periods that we learn and grow the most.
So now I welcome pain, I welcome growth and new experiences. I welcome stepping out of my comfort zone and the awkwardness of learning things all over again. I hope I can do that till the day I die."

I seriously hope that this is true. I have learnt a LOT over the last year, since that fateful day I left APB. There still more to learn, other areas to explore, and hey, shit comes, shit goes... hopefully the lesson will remain.

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