Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Together Forever?

Walking back home one day with a friend that was gonna move to another church nearer to her new home, I commented,"Hey quite sad that you're leaving... it's only been a short time since you came and now you're going again."

She said,"Well, used to it already."

I was surprised... that's a pretty calloused thing to say.

She carried on by saying,"After all, people come in and out of your life all the time. Ever since you started going to school. People come and go, some stay longer than others... used to it already."

I was quiet for a long time after that. From that day on, I resolved to leave a mark in the lives of the people I meet. No matter how small, no matter how short a time.


To the people that come into my life, Thank You. All of you have made an impact in my life. I am what I am today, because of the things that happen in that time that we shared together.

You guys and gals have all done a pretty damn good job. Look at me now. Heh! Wipe that look of horror from your face. I know you love me.
To these same people that touched my life, I hope I have made a contribution to yours too.

If I write down everything that shaped me, and each and every individual person that contributed, I'll be blogging for the rest of my life. Let the paperwork take care of itself. Or read my autobiography when I'm 83.

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