Monday, October 10, 2005


Let's talk about race. Sensitive topic? Yeah, but hey I like steak, let's kill sacred cows.

Now those of you who know me, when it comes to women, I am an absolute Singaporean. The guy that added the phrase,"Regardless of Race, Language or Religion..." is a man after my own heart, or any other body part you might, or might not, want to name.

I believe that the line between racism and preference is thin and often crossed. Let me give you an example.

I have a malay friend that absolutely adores chinese chicks. I have Chinese friends that wouldn't touch Indian gals with a meter rule. Is that racism? Or preference?

I detest raw onions on my burgers, and I will NEVER eat canned fish. Am I then, an onionist and a canned-fishist?

Now CLEAR examples of racism, I get. People who immediately attribute certain qualities to people simply because of colour. I believe THAT is racism. Positive OR negative traits. Avoidable? Yes, but only with a lot of exposure and understanding.

When is racism eradicated? When one can JOKE about someone else's skin colour COMFORTABLY and everyone takes it as it is... a joke.

Are we ever gonna get there? Well in this lifetime, unfortunately not... too many prudes around. Maybe when India and China takes over the whole world and everyone's a nice mocha colour with a slight yellowish base.

Well that's something to look forward to yeah?

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