Monday, October 31, 2005

The Weekend

The weekend is positively slack. Not much in terms of activity. A lot of time is spent in front of the TV, watching the big stash of DVDs I brought back from the last trip in Indonesia.

Nice and relaxing. If only it was raining, then it'll be perfect. But Nooo... it has to rain today, on the way to work and worsen the already horrible traffic.

I like rainy mornings. Come to think of it, I like rain in general. Not to be outside and getting wet, but even that I don't really mind, in the army. No mosquitoes. So I do not have to be go crazy out of my mind trying to catch and kill the single most useless creature in the entire world.

There are 2 kinds of perfect evenings, way I see it, each catering to one extreme of my character.

The quiet side says, hot milo, blanket, one major mother of a rainstorm outside and me with absolutely nothing to do but watch movies or read a good book.

The happening side hollers out, for a very very cool party with fun, beautiful, INTELLIGENT people, getting half sloshed and shaking our booty to RnB, or salsa.

Over the weekend, barring the crappy weather, it's been good for me quiet side.

Today is suppose to be Halloween's... Maybe I'll head to town to see all the folks that are dressed up and shit. Should be interesting. Maybe I'll even put on that tattoo that I bought from Jakarta.

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