Monday, October 17, 2005

Strange Driving Habits of the Singaporean

I noticed something recently when I am driving.

Every single time I try to filter from one lane to another, whether it be on minor 2 laners, or the PIE, the SECOND I switch ON my right signal, the car on the "target lane" will immediately ACCELERATE!

It's strange. I even tried just switching on my signal but NOT changing lanes... or switching lanes, but not signalling (forgive me, traffic police, but this is in the spirit of experimentation). And guess what, when I switch on my signal light, the other car, no matter how far back, will start speeding up.

In fact, I noticed that I was doing it myself as well. Till I caught myself and slowed down again. It's more regular than a bull charging a red cloth.

Is it possible? Can we Singaporeans be all brain-washed at birth? Or perhaps there is something sinister about the new plastic Singapore driver's license?

The next experiment I'd conduct will be leaving my driver's license at home. Let's see if it works on quashing this strange compulsion.

Hmmm... more on this experiment next time.


Birkenstocker said...

I m a pure breed Singaporean n I totally agree wat u talking abt. Singaporeans r totally ungracious, majority of them. N if u do show tthem a little kindness, most of them think u r weird, they dun no how to respond normally. They look at u like y r u doing this n walk away.

Vandalin said...

2 elements are the most common in the world: hydrgen, and stupidity.