Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Make Out Songs.

I have been searching really hard for songs that fit this category... songs that just trigger something in the person, and sets the mood.

Too slow, doesn't work. Fall Asleep
Too fast, and it's more dancefloor, kick-ass, I'm gonna rock your world mood...

What's the PERFECT make out song for ya? Suggestions!!

So far, I have 3 that kinda fit the bill.

1. Kissing a Fool - George Michael
2. You can Leave your Hat On - Tom Jones or Joe Cocker
3. Virtually every song in Janet's Damita Jo album



aaaapril said...

actually... ive thought of eminem's superman. lol.

Vandalin said...

hmm never heard of that song. Emule, here I cum!

Trin. said...

Anything by Leonard Cohen works for me, especially his 'Suzanne'.
Boys II Men works too.